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Beautiful White Henna Designs For Women
Jul 27, 2016
Beautiful White Henna Designs For Women

Henna is the traditional way of apply tattoo which usually gives profuse red colour to your hand. Now we have a new trend of white henna – yes white henna. This white henna looks awesome and it can be put on any part of your body. The best thing about henna is that it can be easily washed off after a couple of weeks giving you a beautiful and breathtaking looks for any specific occasion.

We know that there are a number of designs which you can put on using henna but we list out few top 10 designs which should make you showstopper among everyone.

Design on Shoulder for a Bride:-


A floral design covering most of the shoulder looks stunning and awesome. If you have an off-shoulder dress for any specific occasion then this is a must. The floral design would start from the top of the shoulder and coming down towards your elbow on your hand. With the right attire matching the design, you are a showstopper.

Design on the Back of your Hand:-


This beautiful pattern with swirls starts from your pointing finger and can reach up to elbow on the back of your hand. Adding red glitter in between the patterns and swirls based on your choice simple elevates the design altogether.

Belly Design:-


If you are pregnant and the baby shower is approaching then this would be the best choice. This beautiful design starts with a heart surrounded by flowers and petals all over on your belly. This perfect design with white colour is simply amazing for the occasion.

Eye Makeup:-

You would have noticed this design many times during stage performances but would not have thought that this could be from white henna. The design goes perfectly for ladies who are interested in decorating their eyes. In order to supplement the design, take a blueliner, misty blue and pink eye shadow over eyebrows to give a fairy effect. Use a mirror and then try out the design carefully.

Design on your Whole Legs:-


Make your legs look sexy with this alluring design which covers your whole legs. The swirls and whooshes starting from the bottom of your leg can go on till the knee. Dress according to the design and check out for yourself to see how sexy you look.

Design on your Pointing Finger:-


This simple and sweet design on top of your pointing finger are really adorable. You can draw 3 to 5 small sunflowers on your finger and then out small stones in them according to your dress to match. It really makes you stand out and see how you shine with the stones and design among everyone.

Design to Match your Ring:-


It may be any occasion like your engagement, wedding or just to bring notice for everyone about your new ring; this design backs you a lot. This sober and beautiful design is a floral design on the back of both hands. It starts from the tip of your pointing finger and then goes back to the wrist. When you put both hands together, it looks really awesome along with your new ring.

Nail Design:-


Nail art is becoming so popular that most of us try out with simple designs. Use black henna as a background colour with white henna on top for the perfect nail art design. Just see the difference how your nails stand out among themselves. You can draw a simple white design like a small flower or swirl design on the nail.

Design For Neck:-

Yes, the design on neck. Select a beautiful necklace pattern design which suits your the neck. If you want something new to try then this is one that should try. A traditional wear along with this wonderful design will be awesome.

These are few designs which we have listed for you. Creativity has no end and you can show all your creativity with the designs amazing everyone.


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