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How Tatoos Are Done Safety And Risks
Jul 27, 2016
How Tatoos Are Done Safety And Risks

Among the many forms of beauty people want and carry today, Tattoo’s have taken a different place and identity today in market and beauty world. There are various and numerous reasons for people who would love to get a tattoo on their body at any place and on any part.

You can say it’s a beauty appeal or it’s the identity factor or it’s the freedom of expression or it’s for love or it’s a form of Art or it’s for any memory. The reason what may be but the tattoos is important.

It’s very interesting to know that the tattoos are of the very old form of art people of previous generations have followed and practiced and they transferred the art to us in its new form with new materials and technology.

The tattoos are done by injecting or inserting a certain type of ink onto the skin layers by using a tool. It's available in various colors nowadays and depending on the interest of the customer the skilled person of tattoo art will design the tattoo on the body.

It completely depends on the person who needs a tattoo to choose the shape, size, pattern, and pigment, whether that’s for the sake of temporary kind of a thing or for a permanent thing. Many times it's noted that people prefer to go for permanent tattoo rather than a temporary one unless it is for any few days college function or for any small party.

Depending on the skill of the tattoo drawing person either it might become a permanent mark on the skin or it might become a beauty design on the skin. In the present fashion industry, the tattoos are done by using sophisticated tools and machine.

Since its done with certain kind of tools and machines and it is getting inserted and injected into the skin of the person by a skilled man, we should be very care while getting the design onto our skin. Since its related to cosmetic, beauty and health issues.

The health factor here relates to directly to the skin related issues and to the body health of the person. Depending on the age, gender and colour of the person the skilled tattoo marking person will suggest us the best method to take up and the best design or word’s to mark onto our skin.

It is very important to note that the age of the skin, the colour of the skin and health condition of the person plays an important role while opting for the tattoo. Gender role also plays an important role, since it's noted that many male persons have a strength and healthy skin and female bodies and health of the skin are very smooth, thin and delicate to handle.

The Following Are RISKS Involved In TATTOO Markings:

As mentioned in above lines, the beauty factor of tattoo is merged with the various risks which are discussed and mentioned as follows.

RISK -1: Skin Problems:

Since the Tattoo marking base and foundation is skin and its layers attached with inner and external skins, we should be very careful about the skin health and skin related issues or diseases.

While many of the tattoos are done on the expose portion of the body it's important for us to the skin also health. The tattoos are related to colours, pigments, and insertions, the health of the skin should be in its healthier condition.

It’s found that many people get the tattoo done in their younger age since the skin health is good enough to take care of the middle pressure and number of insertion on the skin.

Hence, the skin strength and health plays a vital role in getting the tattoo done on it and to maintain it further on the skin layer. The risk involved with the skin is the skin might get the reddish colour on it and sometimes swelling of the skin also can take place and its found that fewer times the puss formation and blood drain might also take place.

When the portion of the tattoo on the body is on the exposed part it is very important to get the tattoo done under the skilled person supervision and a person who has with him the positive credentials of marking the tattoo and keeping it on the people’s skin without any side effects.

For any individual either male or female, skin is very important part of the body, it will act as the protective layer for the body organs and it will control and moderate the temperatures inside and outside. It is very important to put our skin risk-free and keep it healthy always.

RISK -2: Blood-Related Problems:

Since the tattoo design and tattoo marking deals with the needle insertion and marks on the skin and inside the skin, it somewhere or the other touches the blood cells also.

Minor chances are there of blood coming out of the skin depending on the health and condition of the person’s skin. Unless it is done by the experienced tattoo marker, there are chances of blood-related issues rising up.

Another threat which is important note here those, the tattoo’s these days were done with different kind of tools and sophisticated machines, the threat here is if the machine or the tool encounters with the blood and in an unhygienic condition if the blood gets transferred in any form into new person’s blood then there are huge chances of blood prone diseases coming to the person and leads to major hepatitis cases of B and C. it is suggested that the sterile tools and equipment must be used for these insertion works and always use a new needle for new design of tattoo.

RISK -3: Infection Related:

Since the Tattoo designs are dealt with different kinds of pigments, materials, and tools and continue encounter with skin and its inside and outside layers due to this rub on the skin and reaction of colors might lead to skin related allergy and infections. The chances of infection occurring are either during the insertion design work or within a week’s time or anytime in the life.

So it's very important to keep the place of tattoo work clean, neat and hygienic. It’s suggested to use the sterile tools for tattoo design works.

Additional Information:

It’s always advisable that, since the tattoo work is related to beauty and cosmetic filed, an expert supervision is must during the design work.

The environment at the place should be of clean and hygienic.

The person who is doing the design work must be clean, neat and should cover the hand with gloves.

At any point in time, don’t scratch and don’t rub the skin portion which has a tattoo on it.

In the initial days, don’t try with swimming in pools and don’t expose the tattoo to the sunlight.

Be careful before getting the tattoo on the skin, decide yourself whether you are going with temporary one or with the permanent one.

In the case of any disturbance on the skin, use the suggested moisturizer; don’t try any new items on your own and which are not suggested by the experts or the dermatologists.

Give a comfortable time for healing too.


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