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How Tattoo Applying At Home Without an Expert
Jul 27, 2016
How Tattoo Applying At Home Without an Expert

How Tattoo Applying At Home Without an Expert

The art of tattooing has been around for centuries with every major culture following the process.  In today’s world, tattooing is mostly meant for expertise and we are also having experts, resulting in very beautiful works.  But what if you want to do on your own?  This article shows you how to make your own tattoo in different ways.

Nowadays tattoos had become more fashionable for every individual.  It is very fashionable that modern trends have got gross with it.  Every individual mostly college students are getting imprinted on their hands, legs, and other body parts, because of which this has become most costlier.

It is also allergic to their body with chemicals used in making a tattoo.  One needs to take measures from getting such problems.  Here are some methods and procedures in which we can make our own tattoo at home without experts and make our skin safe.

The chemicals used in tattoos are mostly coloured sprays and inks that affect our body.  These tattoos are temporary and can be removed by rubbing and cleaning with water and soap.  But some tattoos are natural and permanent that made out of needle by punching it in our body.  Tattoos may be in the form of alphabets, numbers, designs, or models.


Procedures for making temporary tattoo at home:

To make tattoos using chemicals can be done in the following procedure:-

Things you will need:- Paper, Gel pen ( such as Fiskars), Soft thick cloth (such an old dishcloth or a tissue)

First of all, make sure that the person who is going to have a tattoo is free from skin problems or allergies.

Clean the area where you are going to make a tattoo, with fresh water.

Before you begin, figure out what design you want.  The tattoo will stay on your skin for a few days, so be sure your design is one you really want.

Place the selected design on your body and get ready to sketch it.  As chemicals are harmful to some skin, it would be recommended to use gel pen or ink pen to sketch the tattoo.

The free following ink in gel pens will transfer readily from the paper to your skin once the design in place.

Simply draw the design on paper such as tracing paper or parchment paper using a pencil, then colour in thoroughly using the gel pen.

Use as much ink of one kind as you can, but there is no need to make a river of ink.  You can also print out a tattoo from online and then darken with a gel pen.

Take a help of your friend so that it would be easy for you.  If your school did not allow the tattoo choose a place where you teachers cannot see it.

Now wet a piece of cloth with warm water and place the design paper on the spot of your body and press the wet cloth firmly on the tattoo design for approximately 30 minutes.

Now slowly and gently peel up a corner of the paper to see if it is completely transferred to your skin, if not you will need to leave the cloth on the design for a new more second, then peel again.

Once it is done, remove the rag and peel off the paper.

Let the air dry as much as possible, take care not to brush it against clothing or other parts of your body.

Your tattoo is now ready with your favourite design. It won’t last long but it will look good long enough for going to a party or to accompany your outfit for a day or so.

Note:-Once water is applied, the design will start to wear off slowly.


Here are some tips about the tattoos so that you might not do wrong while making a tattoo.

If you want to write words, pencil them on one side of the paper, then flip it over and trace the words with a pen.  The words will be backwards, but when you put it on, they will be facing the right way.

If you mess up, you can always erase the mistake with rubbing alcohol.

You can use hairspray to keep it from smearing. Never use clear nail polish because recent studies have shown that nail polish may be releasing cancerous chemicals into the skin if used directly on the skin.  You can also use tape to keeping it safe during showers (but not extremely adhesive tape because the design will come off on it).

To make the tattoo last longer, cover it with a liquid band aid.

Be very careful pulling off, you do not want it to smudge or tear on skin.

When drawing your design keep in mind that any words will be backwards when applied.  To counteract this, write the word out, face it toward a mirror and copy it back to front. 

Then use the back-to-front design for adding the gel ink too.  Or write it out on regular bond paper, then turn the paper over, hold it up to a window (daytime is best) and trace the word or words onto the back.  Use the side with the text reversed to make your design.

If you do not have liquid band aids, you can put a thin layer of bacitracin or Neosporin


The application of liquid from washing, drinking, spilling drinks, etc to the tattoo may result in stains on your clothing or other objects.  You might like to carry a cloth or tissue to quickly wipe it off it starts to dissolve in such a situation.

Be sure that the water you use is not too hot.  There aren’t any reports of ink poisoning, but it is best to be safe by not overheating it. Most gel inks are non-toxic, with the pigment born in the water rather than the solvents found in other pen inks.

Now your temporary tattoo is ready.


Making Of Tattoo Using Baby Powder And Hairspray:-

Draw tour tattoo design on your skin.  Take your sharpie, and draw your tattoo directly onto your skin.  You can use multiple colours of sharpie if you like, but keep in mind that whatever you draw will be permanent.  It may be easier to have a friend help with this part, to make sure that your drawing is just right.  Wait for the sharpie to dry completely.  Now coat the drawing with baby powder.  Pour a generous amount of baby powder into your hand, and thoroughly coat the sharpie drawing with the powder.  

Now rub it into the drawing; it should not bleed or smear.  Wipe off any excess powder that does not stick to your skin.  Spray the tattoo with hairspray.  Spray 12-16 inches away from your tattoo, makes sure that to thoroughly coat the tattoo and baby powder, although, be careful not to get it all over the place.  Wait for the hairspray to dry. 

Wipe off all of the excess baby powder with tissue paper.  The tattoo should be permanent and won’t smear when rubbed with a tissue.  This method should make the tattoo last for up to a month.

Stick and Poke Tattoo:-

Supply List:-

Pencil, Sewing needle of medium size, 1 jar, a bottle of black ink, rubbing alcohol, anti-bacterial soap, unscented lotion.


Clean your skin at which you are wanted to make a tattoo.

Use an antibacterial soap or rubbing alcohol to clean the area you want to tattoo, this will make sure that the area is prepped for poking.

With a regular ball point pen, you draw what you want to have your tattoo be.  You follow the lines you draw with the needle and ink later on.

Now poke the needle into the pencil and use fire to disinfect the needle, once the needle is cool, wrap the needle with string, only leaving a bit of the needle at the tip exposed.

Next, take the ink and put a little bit into a jar lid.  The take the string wrapped needle and dip the tip into the ink getting a good amount on there.  The string will act as a wick as well.

Once you have the area clean and prepped, start poking your skin just enough where the dermis sticks a little to the needle.  It may take a few tries to get it right.  Pull the skin tight to make it easier and follow the lines you drew in the last step.  Keep some hand towels in case of bleeding.

Once you go over the tattoo, it may not be dark enough for you so go over it again if you wish.

The area you poke will become a bit raised and swell, this is normal.  Do not be afraid with swelling of the skin.

Now clean the tattoo again by putting something on it, protecting it like saran wrap.

After a few hours, you should be able to take the saran wrap off and use regular unscented lotion for a few days.  Keep the tattoo out of sunlight for the first 2 days as well.

Now your permanent tattoo is ready.


These tattoos, although light, are permanent! Think about what you want on the body before you go through with it.  Also, it does hurt, and depending on your pain tolerating level it may hurt you too much.  Test without ink to see if you want to spend 30 minutes poking your skin to get some cool stuff.


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