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How to Give Yourself A Tattoo
Jul 27, 2016
How to Give Yourself A Tattoo

Do you want to practice a tattoo art on yourself? Then you should learn it effectively and carefully. It needs your complete concentration and preparation as well as safety.
Giving yourself a tattoo at your home involves several steps and the risk of blood-borne infection is higher. So, it is necessary that you need to take proper attention on everything you use for tattoos such as sterile conditions and new needles and use only tattoos from licensed parlors.
To know the complete procedure of giving tattoo follow the below steps.

1. Purchase a Tattoo Gun

As you are new to tattooing, you need to purchase all the necessary accessories carefully. At first start with a tattoo machine usually called as tattoo gun. It is important that you need to invest in the good quality gun as you are doing it yourself or otherwise you can make it your own and save money. But make sure that the tattoo gun must be made professionally so take the help of an expert.

2. Bring a Tattoo Ink

Once you purchase tattoo gun go for tattoo ink. Tattoo ink is must put a tattoo yourself. It should be specialized ink or carbon based India ink as they are natural, makes the process easy and reacts gently with your body, safe as well as sterile. Never go for another type of inks as they may cause allergic reactions, infections and looks terrible on your body.

3. Bring All Other Accessories

As said, the chances of blood-borne infections are high when done outside the parlor you need to select all the accessories carefully. Purchase an only brand new and sterilized supplies for a tattoo. Better, invest on starter kit that includes, new tattoo needles, rubber gloves, disposable container for ink, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, tattoo goo, A&D or Bacitracin etc.

4. Select a Design

As it is the first time practice it with a simple and easy tattoo on yourself. Go for a plain outline style which you can add it on yourself such as, stars, lines drawings, hearts, crosses, anchors etc.

5. Prepare the Body Area for Tattoo

Once you have selected the tattoo next comes the body region where you need a tattoo. Select the tattoo region and clean and prepare the area to make the tattoo processing easy.
You must be as clean as possible and should be drunk or you aren’t on painkillers or drugs when you are starting for a tattoo. You must also make sure that the area where you are going to give a tattoo is hair free, if not shave the area and make it clean.

6. Prepare the Space

Select a room that is clean with a flat surface and makes sure that there is plenty of lighting, ventilation, and fan. All this helps in making the tattooing process easy.

7. Put the Tattoo Design on Your Skin

At first draw, the tattoos design on a paper or get the printout of the design and place it on a stencil paper. Now, use a stencil liquid or stencil pro and spread it over the area. Now, put the stencil on your skin where you need tattoo with purple color down and smooth the stencil out.
Allow it to sit for some time and remove it carefully from the skin. Finally, allow it to dry completely.

8. Sterilize the Accessories

Once everything is ready sterilize all the tattoo equipment or accessories that you have brought and make them look clean and new. Sterilize your needle, pour the ink as much as needed and put the gloves.

9. Fill the Needle with Tattoo Ink

At first, check which type of tattoo gun you have bought. Some guns can automatically load the ink by screwing a canister of tattoo ink directly into the tattoo gun otherwise, dip t the needles into the ink steady the stylus so that you hand will be steady.

10. Turn on the Gun

Now, turn the tattoo gun and line up the needle and get started for tattooing. At first, make sure that the tattoo area is stiff enough and soft. Now, push the needle deeply into skin i.e., at least few millimeters but shouldn’t be too shallow as it may cause bleeding. After that, start moving the needle all along the outline of the tattoo design. It is better to tilt the needle diagonal to the skin as it is difficult to see.

Move the needle along the stencil line completely and complete your tattoo design and don’t move further the line slowly. Wipe off the excess ink and blood and make sure that the ink quality is good.
Next, fill the tattoo with a larger needle and concentrate on the design carefully applying consistent pressure and evenness. Before putting more ink to the needle clean the stylus at regular intervals. Once everything is completed clean all the utensils and stores them dry.

11. Cleaning and Healing

Now, gently clean the tattoo and apply tattoo ointment and cover the area completely with clean gauze. Later if you want to clean the tattoo area after removing the bandage use a small amount of cool water and clean the area gently but, don’t soak or run it under the water. If the tattoo area is still not healed cover the area again with ointment and gauze. Do it until it heals. Check it regularly and make sure that it is completely healed. If not cured, consult a doctor. 

This is how you can give a tattoo yourself. But, before putting tattoo make sure that you are alert enough to start the tattoo, if not take the help of experts or professionals. Hope, this article will certainly help you to give a simple tattoo yourself.


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