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How To Remove Tattoos Permanent
Jul 27, 2016
How To Remove Tattoos Permanent

Tattoo is an age old practice of getting an art or design on the skin by the application of ink insertion into the skin. These tattoos are considered to be a permanent mark or design or pattern on the skin at the place it is applied.

This method of getting ink marking or pigment rendering on skin has a very old history. All over the world in many traditions and cultures, this art is found to be practiced both by men and women. Whatever may be the reason but the fact is this art has sustained all these years of human life on planet earth.

The tattoo can be placed on SKIN at any part of the body. Depending on region and their forefather's history people have practiced various methods, patterns, and tool for tattoo designing.

Among them, most popular are the insertion of pigment colors with needle and piercing. A lot of sophisticated tools is available today with strict safety rules to practice with hygienic conditions.

Permanent Tattoo - Removal methods:

These days getting a tattoo has become a part of expression and beauty. Irrespective of gender, youngsters would love to get tattooed. There are various reasons for getting a tattoo. Each person has their own reason for it.

But what if, anybody wants to remove the tattoo from skin or place at where it is applied. The reason for application of tattoo is numerous and that is also true in the case where people would like to get it removed. Each has a different reason.

The method of removal is more painful than the method of tattoo application. Since as mentioned earlier it is a permanent mark on the skin when it is applied and it would be a tough game for the removal of the same for the person who applied for it and who got it on.

Among the popular methods which are available for tattoo removal are by “LASER TECHNOLOGY”.

Laser Treatment:

·   In this method of treatment, “focused light beams are used which are nothing but laser”.

·   This laser is used on the tattooed skin so that laser light can kill pigments and color combination. The color on the skin will absorb laser wavelengths and in turn, will help to remove a tattoo from skin.

·    It’s found that generally, black color is easy to remove than any other color. The other colors will take more time and a special type of lasers is needed for removal of other colors.

·    The tattoo is beauty image on the skin and after removal of this pattern, the skin has to be ready for another tattoo.

·   So if removal process of tattoo is not done properly then it is difficult to do another tattoo on it. Skin will get badly affected.

·   Removal method has to be chosen properly based on the age of skin and its bearing strength.

·   Depending on health condition, color and size of tattoo it will be removed in more than two sittings.

Tattoo Removal by “DERMABRASION”:

·   This procedure is considered to be little expensive and must be done under expert dermatologist supervision.

·   In this case, the suitable lotion is applied on a tattoo that has to be removed.

·   Local anesthesia is given then dermal layers of skin are removed slightly, little surgery.  You need to wait until the wound gets healed and medication is suggested by an expert which needs to be used minimum ten to twenty days.

·   This will be suitable to consider when the tattoo is small and in this procedure skin growth can be at a speedy rate.

· As big the tattoo as it is, and then the time of healing will be more.

Tattoo Removal by “CRYOSURGERY”:

· In this method, the tattoo is kept for frozen for some time and then with the help of some chemicals and nitrogen it will be burned off from skin.

· This is also a painful procedure and will not be that effective as good as laser treatment.

· The best-suited method technically and physically is laser treatment method. But before the use of this method, there are other herbal and homemade methods available for removal of tattoos.

· The tools used here are the needles, vibrating machine.

Tattoo removal with “Other home remedy methods” :


It has been observed that people are using various lotions available in the market. For few, it helped during a period of time but for many, it didn’t get removed completely.

Since in longer duration if the health of skin is good then we may see that growth rate of skin cells and tissue may overlap skin layer and the pigment color gets dissolved in a longer period of time.

Comparatively, other technical methods this can be considered as less expensive and less painful method of removal.

The popular method to remove a tattoo is by using salt. In very olden days people use to apply the salt solution on the skin and then they use to burn top skin portion and after few seconds they use to rub the skin and good results have found by this.

This process is also known as “Salabrasion”. This method is also suitable for people whose skin is healthy and whose cells growth rate is good. Depending on the recovery period we can choose this procedure.

Safety points to remember:

It’s very important to note that all this process of Tattooing has to be done under the expert guidance and with strict hygienic conditions.

The removal of these tattoos is done with different kind of tools, needles, sharp edge items and vibratory or oscillatory machines.

One time use items have to be thrown out, good amount of sterilization with proper hygienic care is needed.

Post treatment care and follow-up are mandatory after surgery or treatment or ointment application, skin exposure etc as per guided by a dermatologist. Before considering any type of treatment we should consult dermatologist or expert tattoo artist on predictable side effects.

It’s good to be fashionable but giving high importance to health is always mandatory.


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