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Latest Bangle Rounded Mehindi Designs
Jul 27, 2016
Latest Bangle Rounded Mehindi Designs

Mehendi is the popular term in India, Dubai, Middle East and other Asian countries. Just like henna mehndi is also very popular. Mehendi designs vary based on occasion, party, age, and preferences. Some are very elaborate while some are very simple and unique.

Some of these even have bangles in the Mehendi design itself. Bangle Mehendi designs are the mehndi designs which have the design of bangle or a bracelet in them. Indians love bangles and we love mehndi too.

Bangle design mehndi for hands will surely catch your attention as these designs are un-routine and fill the complete hand. The beautiful and colorful design has glitters used for fillings.

The pink, blue, green and silver glitters are great for any occasion and for those who want their wrists to be colorful and glittery. Mehendi and glitter always make for an awesome combination. Some also use glittering stones to make it look more attractive.

Latest Bangle Rounded Mehndi Designs

Mehndi or henna is a form of provisional tattoo that is worn by women in India and some Arabic countries. There are excellent designs available for these tattoos. One of the most common out of these is bangle designs.

Some go for full hand mehndi and some go for the partial hand which is called as Arabic. Floral patterns and designs are the most preferred designs.  Bangle designs, thus, to include these patterns and curves.

Some bangle designs involve tattooing just the wrist while others spread throughout the length of your arm.

Mehndi generally leaves behind a reddish brown color; however with new technology new types of mehndi tattoos are introduced. These include colored, glittery forms of mehndi which are as attractive as the plain henna tattoos.

Mehndi application not only is attractive but also heals or reduces the heat in the body. It will help for proper metabolism.

Mehndi designs in the form of bangles have taken a toll, especially in the recent years. More and more women demand a bangle design while they get the mehndi applied on their hands. The bangles enhance the beauty of both the hand and the entire artwork that is done on both sides of the hands.

Mehndi bangles help in adding beauty to the design and women crave for exemplary behind bangles to be designed on their wrists, arms, palms, feet and also legs. Off late few people are getting it done on back, thighs and waistline.

Bangle mehndi designs are increasingly becoming famous and on fashion.  These are not only traditional but contemporary that best suit the likeness of the new age women on the go. With different preferences and occasions, the designs are versatile enough to blend with the mood and style at ease.

There are different designs based on occasion and based on the party you are going to attend. If you too are a fan then you’ll love these top 15 bangle mehndi designs. Do have a look!

Such designs that were originated in the Middle East have now taken the country by storm. Now India is also ranking high in making bangle designs. The unmarried girls are mad about it, as they wear them as a piece of jewelry on their wrist. So here are some lovely bangle mehndi designs to take inspiration from

Some go for multi-colored design in blue, pink, green and gold and this will catch anyone’s attention instantly. This glitter-sprinkled design is an ideal mehndi option for the brides and co-brides who can dramatically enhance their outfit, be it lehenga or Anarkali and also a western party wear. And with such a simple design, you can easily mimic this one for your next occasion.

Here are few designs 

Arabic Bangle Design:-

This design partially covers your hand. Palm area will be partially covered and wrist area will have rounded design which appears like a rounded bangle design. This design covers the complete hand but you will see dew spaces right on the palm. Design goes heavy on wrist area. Few prefer to go two – three inches from palm area and some will get it done till elbow or arm.



Simple - Bangle Design:-

Simple- bangle mehndi style is beautiful with wavy patterns on the inner wrist. The fingers and the palm look beautiful with intricate details. I love the way it gives a twist to the regular bangle mehndi designs. The floral patterns make it a very good choice for any occasion. Some will make it heavy at the wrist area and some prefer to make it heavy on the palm


This mehndi goes well for party occasions but not for weddings and bride.

Round and Center Designs:-

You will see a big flower or leaf or some floral design in the center and the wrist area will be like a bangle design. If you have a first-hand experience in putting mehndi on your hands before then here is an easy design for you. Even beginners can give a try. While the wrist design is extremely beautiful with thick outlines; the floral patterns on the fingers with a chain train and ending with a central motif is making the wrist mehndi design all the more attractive.


This will not go great on brides.

This Simple and beautiful design features a lot of mini designs and details on the palm and on the wrist area as well. A small bangle design is done at the wrist giving it much needed distinctness. Some will extend this design till elbow and some prefer to leave it till the wrist area. Some do these designs only on the palm area as it is very simple and lovely pattern. The designs are very modern and will suit modern brides very well. Also, the use of Black mehndi makes it even more beautiful.


Heavy Bangle Design:-

Heavy bangle design looks very pretty and covers the whole hand including the wrist area. The design is different for both hands, so you can try any of them. Also, these kinds of designs look good for any occasion and would suit brides too. They used few thick lines in between the design to highlight the pattern.


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