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Mehandi Designs for Back
Jul 27, 2016
Mehandi Designs for Back

Mehandi designs for body parts are becoming popular nowadays. Especially woman love applying this mehndi designs as temporary tattoos. Among them, the craziest are back body mehndi designs. There are various stylish, traditional and trendy designs available for body parts including the back body.

Though some people love applying the henna designs over their body, they don’t have proper knowledge of how to apply those designs and they think that body mehndi designs are too hard to learn and apply.

So, to lessen their work and make it easy for them to learn we have chosen one back body mehndi art. Here we would be glad to explain you the step by step process of the design. It will be a helpful guideline, especially for young girls. So, know this step by step process of applying henna on your back.

Step by Step Process of Back Body Mehandi Design


Get started with good mehndi cone like this,


In the first and foremost step start with a small circle on the middle portion of the back leaving 2 to 3 inches of space below the neck. Now, apply U-shaped design around the small circle touching it.

Next from every alternative, U shaped design draw small straight line i.e., less than an inch and close the side b y sidelines with a W shape which are nothing but leaves of the flower.

Now draw small stripes on the upper side of the W-shaped leaves of the flower. With this, you have got one small flower in the middle of the back.

Again draw U-shaped curves all around the flower with 3 U shapes per leave touching the leaves.

From the inverted U-shaped design draw very small V-shaped lines projecting towards the outside alternatively around the U shape and by touching it.

Put small dots in the spaces between the V shapes drawn. Circle around the V shape with a U-shaped chain projecting inside without touching it.

Finally, draw small M shapes with slight bent at the ends all around the U-shaped circle as shown above projecting inside towards the circled U-shaped chain touching it and then apply stripes from the upper side of the M as shown in the picture.

After completion of this first step, we got a big flower over your back. Allow it dry for few minutes. See, how simple it is if you know how to draw circles, alphabets.



Now that you have completed drawing the flower, next step is for mango design around the flower. Get started drawing the mangos as explained below.

You need two small m shaped designs from the above-drawn flower to apply mango design from there.

Now, start applying the mango shaped design from the M shape like this, Draw an S shape from one side of the M and a slanting curve touching the S starting edge from the other side of them or partly from next m.

Make sure that both the curves touch at the starting position and make a curl at that place as shown above. Now fill the mango design with crossed curved lines and dots. You should also fill the mango with some deep circles and U-shaped designs.

Now, draw a double shade around the mango and enhances its look with dots. With that mango, the design will be completed.

You need to draw at least 2 mangos separated by small spaces between them around the flower.



See know how the mango designs appear. Next, start decorating the surroundings of the mango shaped design with the below steps.

At first draw, a curve slanting towards the mango shape from them shaped leave with a swirl at the starting.

Now, enhance it with small U shapes all along the slant curve and finally puts dots as shown in the figure.

You should also draw the other mango which is slightly apart from the completed mango shape.

After the completion of decorating mango shapes, fill up the remaining space from the firstly completed mango shaped design with a chain like designs, floral leaves, swirls, dots, U-shaped designs etc. which are very easy. This is completely on the lower side of the big flower.



Now, enhance the look of the Mango shaped design as explained below.

In this step, to make the mango design look more beautiful, apply some swirls from the starting swirl of the mango design.

Decorate the swirls with attached dots.

Also, any uncompleted lower part design of the design will be completed here with small makeovers to the design.

Use your creativity to draw some arts over the lower part of the design by seeing this image or picture.

With this step, almost the lower parts of the back body floral design are completed.



In this final step, you need to fill up all the gaps left over in this floral back body design.

Here, we think that you have got an overview of the design, isn’t it? Then, it’s the time to fill up the gaps.

You can see a vast space left over in between the lower design and the upper mango shaped design i.e., on the left side of the design. So fill it with small vine shaped line, swirls, and dots as shown in the picture.

You can also observe small space in between the two mango designs. So, separating those two designs, you can draw one smaller mango shaped design with some flowers in the separating line as shown in the picture.

Bottom Line:
With this, we have come to the end of this back body floral mehndi design. You can also add a touch of creativity to this design and enhance its look. Though it is for a temporary time, this traditional design looks awesome. We hope these simple steps will help you to learn this mehndi design easily. So, learn it today itself and show your creativity.


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