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Simple Ways to Choose The Right Color For Your Tattoo
Jul 27, 2016
Simple Ways to Choose The Right Color For Your Tattoo

Simple Ways to Choose The Right Color For Your Tattoos

Tattoo is a word representing work of art done by the body and is gaining trend and name in the fashion industry. Today, many people are attracted towards the art of tattoos that they take it more seriously on a personal level.

These kinds of people are called tattoo collectors and have got tattoos all over the body as their prized possessions. The fashion crazy people today see tattoos as style and trend. There are no exceptions where one cannot like a work of art like a tattoo and even the most famous celebrities are tattooed.

The art of tattooing body was first found by Captain James Cook, an English explorer, navigator and cartographer who first found the art in the maorian tribe of New Zealand.

The tattoo also called "tatt aw" in Maori language or "tatau" in Samoan from where it is derived, is an aboriginal work of art known in many tribes across the world.

Many tribes across the world see tattoos as a sign of adulthood or test or endurance and also are considered to be rites of passage, status, rank among the natives, for bravery etc. the aborigines have tattoos for every kind of worldly desires or works like sexual pleasure, fertility, bravery, status etc.

A Maori chief with tattoos all over the body

The tattoos are used forcibly and voluntarily. The Nazi camps used tattoos to identify the prisoners. These kinds of references are also found in china and roman empires.

Nowadays, the tattoo is getting famous in the cosmetic world, where people are demanding for natural colors and permanent makeup which can hide discoloration or surgical scars.

Makeup like lip coloring, eye liner or eyebrow shaping or moles for beautification is getting popular. These dyes are chosen carefully as areas where the tattoo is inked in are very sensitive and small damage can be very harmful to life.

With all above ideas of sinking in, one may ask if tattoos are safe to get. The tattoo artists or tattoo makers say yes. They say that there will be a pain while inking in tattoo depending on the size of the art.  While permanent tattoos hurt, temporary tattoos do not hurt and do not last forever on skin.

For beginners it is always hard how to choose a right tattoo, starting with the decision of temporary one or a permanent one, art, work and size of the art.

The newbie, as they call beginners in the tattoo industry, do several mistakes while opting for their first tattoo as small tattoo just to see if they like it or to avoid any embarrassment from colleague or relative, getting a tattoo done in place, easily hidden by clothes.

They also do mistakes like re choosing a work of art they saw on others, going to tattoo artist, without prior research on them, or without any appointment or a walk-in just to save time.

One must be very careful while choosing professional tattoo artist for the first time; check their experience and safety measures they take like a sterilizing needle, ink without harmful chemicals.

Portfolios of tattoo artists or shops will help in choosing precise kind of artist with accurate kind of consistency for the first tattoo. Most of the time, cheaper artists’ work is, cheaper is kind of materials used and this can cause serious damage.

Also, while researching about the shop, one must never rely on the internet and must check it in person. Never can one get satisfaction just by reviews online.

Be clear about the design you want. Always go with a design that can be associated with you on a personal level. Talking to the tattoo artist helps in choosing right art for a tattoo.

A haphazard design with wrong color selection will not only ruin design but also original and natural looks. Different suggestions and unheeding tattoo artist will only lead to disasters.

Always choose a right color based on your skin complexion. It is very important that skin complexion must be in mind while highlight design and not making it smudge, one should see that they choose opposite or contrasting colors to that of their skin.

See that your skin complexion doesn’t prevail over the tattoo. You don’t want to mint out money to tattoo artist choosing wrong colors. Black is always a good color for tattoo only while your skin complexion ranges between whitish to very fair. Below the whitish complexions, colors will help to make design dominating.

Do not go to mix and match; always monotonous tattoos are good for beginners. But care should be taken if there is more than one color included in design. For any type of skin complexion, too flashy colors can actually ruin the design and look.

Other tips to note:

 Never go to the tattoo shop on an empty stomach or drunk.  It may take good artist more than an hour to ink in the good tattoo. So you do not want to lose consciousness before work is done.  Good tattoo maker will not agree to this if you are empty or drunk.

Be prepared for physical pain. Yes, it hurts a lot and be prepared for it mentally. Once the work starts and if you want to stop it in the middle, it will look weird.

Safety profile

Ask the tattoo maker for sterilization in front of you. It’ll save you from doubts and infections and other diseases.


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